Can someone please draw Sam in Hook’s costume and Colin in Sam’s Scottish regalia ASAP thanks (x)

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It will never fail to amuse me that Seb has a facial expression I can only describe as “you’ve just killed the only thing he ever loved in front of him while eating his ice cream”

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Anonymous said: Hello. I also agree. I've never understood the fanfiction of Bucky being unable to take care of himself. Bucky has always been able to survive. He has the mental and physical wounds to prove it. What he does with this new information is the question. The Theme of The Winter Soldier playing in the background during the end of Captain America 2. This is A man who is going to want revenge for what was done to him.

Bucky doesn’t have a very long turn around time when it comes to adapting. It’s one of his talents. But he’s still Bucky and he’s going to want to dish it out to HYDRA.


LOOK AT HIM look at his VEINS


LOOK AT HIM look at his VEINS

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Photos taken by me during Chicago WWCC Panel


∞ pictures of an awful Romanian face



As time goes on there are less posts about Bucky with amnesia and more posts with Bucky and Steve happily being bros/boyfriends or whatever in the 21st century and I’m just??? The depth of the denial here rivals the Mariana Trench because guys the last time we saw Bucky he was STILL confused and running away, staring questionably at a version of himself that he seemed EXTREMELY unsure of but the fans seemed to have filled in the blanks afterwards and keep rocking back and forth in the center of their legions of headcanons and whispering that everything is gonna be okay if they believe hard enough

However much time passed between the helicarrier incident and the Smithsonian, the Soldier was able to take care of himself. Clearly got treatment for his broken/dislocated arm, obtained civilian clothing, was aware enough to be able to slip into the Smithsonian incognito and not be recognized with “hey mister, you look just like that guy in the photo!” He appears neither emaciated nor particularly dirty, and even his unshaven state may be a deliberate attempt at hiding his appearance. So although he’s unsure of his past, he’s clearly functional to a fair degree. And remembering enough of his past to begin questioning and researching further.

Who knows how they plan to play it in the MCU, but apparently comic book Bucky gets his memories back all at once, although he remains traumatized by them. The directors and writers have already confirmed that Captain America 3 will take place two years after the events of Captain America 2, mimicking the time span between the movies’ release dates. They’ve also stated that the plot of the film will revolve around the Bucky/Steve relationship. It would seem as though - unless they’re planning to use the “Bucky gets his memories back all at once” device fairly early on in Captain America 3 - the Soldier will have to have reverted to being Bucky to a fair degree in the time between films, Otherwise, they’d have another entire movie of the Soldier not really remembering Steve, which doesn’t fit with what they’ve described for the plot.

So the evidence from the post-credits scene, and the recent interviews given by the directors and writers of both movies, all give us a Bucky who is moderately functional, regaining his memories, searching out more of them, and developing a relationship with Steve.

I guess the Russo brothers and the writers must be in denial right there alongside the fans.

There’s also the fact that at the end of the Smithsonian scene the Winter Soldier music kicks back up and his facial expression goes to what’s been referred to as “game face”. The implication being that he realizes what’s been done to him and HYDRA is going to get theirs. He seems shocked in the Smithsonian scene to me, not confused. It’s like he decided to follow through with what Steve was telling him and see if it was true. He realizes it is and he doesn’t fight that, he accepts it, and now he’s mad. In the comics even though he gets his memories back, he goes off by himself to the military facility he met Steve at (very similar to going to the Smithsonian in the movie) trying to absorb just what happened to him. He’s not really blundering around blindly, just having a lot to deal with.

Even with amnesia I don’t see Bucky wandering around like a lost puppy. He’s a survivor. He’s lived and adapted through too much. He was high functioning as the Winter Soldier and that shouldn’t have happened considering the affects of deep freeze.

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