TJ Hammond - Political Animals S01E01 Pilot PART VII

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Mi futuro cuñado, Damon Bar Emmon de Punta aguda.

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This is one of those endless promo things Raleigh has to do after the events of Pacific Rim and Mako is sitting off to the side watching just laughing her ass off and it keeps getting Raleigh tickled and the director can’t throw her out because Raleigh has made it clear the only way he’s doing this stupid promo is if Mako is there. And even though Mako keeps teasing him and making a joke out of the whole thing, even she pauses when he watches her walking forward because as sweet and loyal as her Raleigh can be, he can turn the intensity on sometimes in a way that makes you feel it in the bottom of your stomach.

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never gonna whip my dick out near him.

holy shit

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TJ Hammond - Political Animals S01E01 Pilot PART V

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Breakfast with Sebastian

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Oliver Queen in suspenders appreciation post Arrow 2x08 ‘The Scientist’

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Look at that cutie pie :D

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